Moggach One Name Study

This is a One-Name Study (ONS) intending to research all occurrences of the surname Moggach and its variants across the world, as follows:

The majority of people born with these surnames are born in Scotland, followed by England and Wales.

The primary intention is an attempt to reconstruct the genealogy of the lines bearing the surname, subject to the availability of vital and census records in the countries where the name is found.

This study was registered with The Guild of One Name Studies on 27 April 2019. It is in the early stages.

People in this study

A record for every person in this study can be reached from the alphabetic Directory, linked from the navigation menu on each page.

Although a work in progress, the diectory aims to list the following:

Each person's record contains details of their birth and death (where known) and a timeline of known events in their life. Wherever possible, the sources of each biographical detail is given, or a note is added to explain how a conclusion was reached about a specific event.

At the momemt marriage records are excluded from a person's timeline, until the most suitable way of adding these records to the database is established.

I am always grateful for people who would like to share their research about people included in this study, or tell me about people who should be included, but haven't been added yet. Please contact me on

Estimated study size

Having searched various on-line databases, my preliminary estimate is that there are 549 records for people born with the surname Moggach, or its variants, found on publicly available websites.

This figure is likely to be an underestimate of all the people born with the surname, as no records for births in the USA, Australia or New Zealand appeared in the searches undertaken. Even in Scotland, people who are recorded on other vital and census records may not have a corresponding birth record, if they were born before the introduction of civil registration of births in 1855.

The majority (88%) of births recorded under the name Moggach are in Scotland. The earliest birth record I have found is for John Moggach, baptised in the parish of Aberlour in 1730.

For various reasons, estimating the number of births from census or death records would be difficult and prone to double-counting. An initial review of other datasets suggests that there are relatively few Moggachs born outside the UK. While a One Name Study is worldwide, these people, once located, are unlikely to make a dramatic change to the estimated size of the study.

The figure above also excludes people named Moggach by marriage, adoption, etc.

Distribution of birth records

The birth records located by searches shows the following number from each of the record-sets consulted.

Country Record-set and date range Number of births
Scotland Old Parish Registers (1704 to 1854) 137
Scotland Other church records (1844 to 1852) 5
Scotland Statutory registers (1855 to 2018) 343
England & Wales General Register Office (1879 to 2007) 57
Canada Various indices 7
Total   549

Contact me

I’d love to hear from you if you have and enquiry about this study, the surname Moggach and its variants, or you have information you would like to contribute.

Members of The Guild of One Name Studies make a commitment to respond to reply-paid or email enquiries for information. I take this seriously and will do my best to assist. If you haven’t had a reply to an enquiry within 5 working days, please contact me again, just in case an e-mail has gone astray.

Social media

I Tweet about this study from @daviddobie2, using the hashtag #MoggachOneNameStudy.

About me

I’m an amateur family historian and have been researching my genetic family tree since 18 October 2016. I’m an adoptee with wonderful adoptive parents, but in my late 40s I wanted to know who my genetic parents and ancestors were. The research has been a wonderful adventure and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has assisted me along the way.

My maternal grandmother, Mary McCombie Moggach (1902-1998), connects me to Moggachs who originate in the historic county of Banffshire in Scotland. Her father, Alexander Moggach (1855-1940), was the first person registered with that surname after the statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in Scotland on 1 January 1855. There are still Moggach descendants farming and living in the area today.

My working assumption is that I am likely to be related somehow to virtually everyone born with the surname Moggach, even if the connection is to early to demonstrate from vital records.

I aim to share as much of my research about the Moggachs in this study and my genetic ancestry on-line as I can. Details of deceased people are uploaded to Family Search, the world’s largest shared family tree. My own family research is also held on my Ancestry UK account on the “David Dobie Family Tree”.

I have taken an AncestryDNA test. My raw data is also uploaded to GEDmatch. Please contact me if you would like to know the kit number.

I’m actively researching in my spare time and developing a network of fellow genealogists, who are a great bunch of people. Many are active on social media, including the #AncestryHour Twitter chat, which is organised by @ancestryhour. It’s thanks to them that I first heard about One Name Studies.

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